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Software Designer & Multimedia Specialist

Early in his career,  a curious fascination allured Randy Keeler to ride the greatest technology wave ever invented – the Internet.  This attraction sparked his interest to design and build websites – a new-fangled media at the time. This curiosity would later lead him to a career in digital media that would introduce businesses to the brave new world of application design and interactive communications.


Through unwavering determination, a gazillion cups of coffee, and numerous all-nighters, Randy grew to make significant contributions to this new world where digital media moves at the speed of light.  Since then, Randy has also enriched his skills to include additional mediums such as video, motion graphics, and 3D imagery.


He is passionate about creating over-the-top designs that position companies as leaders in their sphere of influence.  As a senior designer, his ability to work collaboratively with clients, senior managers, and marketing teams has made him a valuable player in advancing company objectives.  He abides by a simple approach –to listen very closely to his customers before offering solutions. This philosophy has earned him the opportunity to make noted contributions to Fortune 500 companies, innovative small businesses, and leading non-profit organizations. His signature of excellence has increased company revenue and demonstrated a solid record of performance that has earned Randy numerous success stories and proud history of success.

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